Java Yoga Retreat

Java Retreat

Mystical Java – yoga, meditation and healing

Jan 3rd – 11th 2018

Experience the magic of Java on this 8 night Yoga retreat with a difference! Java offers stunning scenery – from ancient Hindu and Buddhist monuments, you will visit Borobudur one of the 7 wonders of the world – to the natural beauty of its volcanoes, rivers, lush vegetation and pristine untouched traditional fishing beaches – reminiscent of Bali 20 years ago!

Be enchanted with the mystical and often mis-represented Javanese people who hold strongly to traditional values and philosophies. The Retreat is held on the outskirts of Yogyakarta – in a delightful traditional village surrounded by rice paddies. Yogyakarta is  famous as the Cultural and Art Centre of Java and positioned between Java’s most mystical symbols – Mt Merapi in the north and the Indonesian Ocean, home of the “Queen of the South Seas”

The retreat is held in conjunction with “Javanese Wisdom and Healing” which will allow you to not only experience opportunities to visit and meditate in sacred Javanese sites but to also glimpse and experience Traditional Javanese Healers who work with massage techniques and herbal wisdom.

The Retreat is run by Liz Costigan and assisted by Meagan Hayward from the Byron Yoga Lounge. Tours will be facilitated by Patrick Vanhoebrouck and local Javanese Healers.

All Byron Yoga Lounge Retreats cater to all levels and beginners are most welcome! You will receive individual attention and instruction, including yoga philosophy to help you further develop your yoga practice.

Included in Retreat

  • Airport transfers to and from Yogyakarta Airport
  • 8 nights’ accommodation in private, unique and luxurious teak Bungalows
  • Breakfast and dinner – Indonesian vegetarian food with additional sea food options – special diets can be catered for.
  • Twice daily yoga (including Restorative Yoga and Pranayama in afternoon as schedule allows)
  • Daily Meditation
  • Tour to Borobudur Temple and Candi Selogriyo – Candi Selogriyo is a small Hindu Shrine dedicated to Agasthya or Shiva in its hermit/preacher form. It is uniquely set at the converging bases of three hills themselves at the base of the larger Gunung Sumbing volcano. A small farmer path takes us for an hour walk to the temple located near the forest, through a valley of beautiful rice field terraces reminiscent of Balinese landscapes. Nearby the temple a stream flows out of the forest, furthermore its isolated position, solitary and high up in the hills, indicates this site was designed for ascetic practices by spiritual hermits.
  • Visit to Ngobaran Beach – an idyllic swimming spot in a clean and pristine traditional fishing beach. Followed by a meditation circle – (after locally cooked dinner) at Ngobaran beach/temple. Swim in a sacred fresh water spring in the rock pools by the ocean!
  • Two Traditional Javanese Healing Session – The treatment includes a diagnostic interview, a short warm-up relaxation massage, an acupressure massage and a glass of personalized herbal jamu (A herbal medicine sourced from local medicinal plants, roots and barks)


You will stay in exotic and beautifully appointed bungalows with gorgeous open air showers and large and unique four poster beds. The hotel over looks rice paddies even more stunning at sunrise and sunset… There is a pool near by to cool down and a beautiful yoga space a 2 minute walk in the local village. Accommodation is single or twin share and cost is per person.

Children are more than welcome and in house child minding is available for a reasonable price.


Price- per person

  • Twin Share – $1650
  • Single Bungalow – $1850

For your information
A non refundable deposit of $250 is required to book the retreat. See below for cancellation fees.
Payments are welcome to be made in installments however the full price must be paid in full one month prior to retreat start date.

Prefered method of payment is direct deposit to
K. Williams & E. Costigan
Bsb – 722 744
Acc – 131395

Or use our secure paypal account by clicking the pay now link.

Or email for other arrangements.

About your facilitators

Liz Costigan Liz is a Certified Junior Intermediate 1 Iyengar Yoga teacher and is the founder of Byron Yoga Lounge in Byron Bay NSW Australia. She has a background as a Registered Nurse. “Yoga brings us to a conscious state of awareness to restore balance to our body, mind, breath, heart and soul” Liz is committed to studying in the Iyengar Yoga System and has done so for the past 10 years. She has a daily practice and currently studies with Senior Iyengar Teacher’s Caroline Coggins and Glenn Ceresoli.

“Before we started holding the Retreats 4 years ago I had not visited Java since my early twenties when I spent a year living in Indonesia exploring surfing beaches and yoga postures! When I re-connected with Java I re- discovered that the Javanese are some of the most warm and welcoming people I have met so far on my extensive travels. It was a healing experience that changed my life – being taken to the most scenically beautiful spots and being allowed a glimpse of the traditions and rich culture that include meditation, ritual, herbal wisdom and a philosophy so close to the path I follow through yoga. I came back feeling very inspired to share this journey with others.”

Patrick Vanhoebrouck Patrick is a Belgian Anthropologist who has spent many years living and researching contemporary Javanese Culture in Yogyakarta and Central Java Provinces. He speaks 5 languages fluently and is motivated to share his expertise on Javanese culture, history and spirituality by facilitating between visitors and local experts.

Meagan Hayward Meagan Hayward has been a yoga student for over 20 years and is a 4th year teacher trainee. Meagan assists Liz with yoga retreats in both Cambodia and Java. “ I discovered that these retreats allow you to go within and deepen your practice while connecting with like minded people and experiencing new cultures.” One of Meagan’s passions include surfing and she finds both yoga and surfing are not only physical practices but also spiritual ones – allowing you to be in the present moment.

Sample Schedule

-600 am – 7 am- Sitting Meditation

– 7-9 am – Asana Practice

Free time – 400 – 530pm – Asana

530 – 630 pm Restorative Yoga

* Note 2 days schedule will alter to accommodate day tours.


After attending Liz’s Cambodia Retreat a few years ago – I finally made it to the Java retreat! Liz’s experienced personalized assistance and the yoga itself was as exceptional as ever. I was able to take my practice deeper and I gained so much on many levels – body, mind and spirit. Java itself was the surprise. The retreat was incredibly down to earth and our interaction with local Javanese was humbling; the experience really opened my heart and mind. If you are looking for a “western style” retreat on the well-worn tourist path, perhaps Java is not for you. However, if you crave an authentic cultural experience interspersed with strong and meaningful yoga practice I hope you have the opportunity to make Liz’s yoga retreat in Java.” Danniella 2016

My first time in Java and I loved every minute of it! Liz’ warmth and support during classes encouraged me to deepen my yoga practice while her enthusiasm for Javanese culture enabled me to fully explore its magical and healing qualities. I would recommend this retreat to anyone!” Ruth 2014

Other Attractions around Yogyakarta for ‘free days”

  • For Temple lovers – Pramanan – Full of sculptural detail these temples 17 km from Yogyakarta were built between the 8th and 10th Centuries and offer an outstanding example of Hindu Art.
  • The Royal Palace – Kraton – In the heart of the old city the huge palace of the sultans of Yogya is the small walled-city (within a city) which contains its own market, shops, batik and silver cottage industries, schools and mosques.
  • To the west of the Kraton (near by the bird market) is the “Tamam Sari” or Fragrant Garden know as the Water Castle filled with pools and waterways.

Wanting to continue your Trip for a further 2 days?

  • On offer (and separate from Byron Yoga Lounge Retreats  we offer a 2 day tour to the Southern and Eastern Slopes of the Merapi.

Cost will be approximately $400 max per person – cost will decrease with the number of participants.

This includes  – Day One

  • A visit to the affected areas of the 2010 Eruption, an optional Jeep tour which crosses the destroyed villages and evacuated sites now empty of inhabitants
  • A drive west through the affected area of Kali Gendol river, to reach our destination of Deles on the south eastern side with beautiful views of the crater 4km above us all along.
  • In Deles the first afternoon-evening we’ll get a welcome meal accompanied by the local Karawitan group (gamelan orchestra + tembang singing).
  • This will be followed by a short dialogue with local leaders about their experiences living on the volcano and their recovery after the 2010 eruption. After that we’ll walk around the village to see some of the grassroots livelihood activities implemented by them-selves to recover economically post-eruption 2010.
  • Night time: an evening meditation ritual in the local ancestor grave (sacred site) before sleeping in local home-stays prepared by residents for us.

Day 2

  • Breakfast + Sunrise walk to a panorama spot for pictures of the Merapi. We’ll have a few local disaster-volunteers who will guide us to walk on the slopes of the volcano in preserved forests and some deep ravines. We will have a short visit of a local community radio crucial in Disaster Preparedness and their volunteer teams.
  • Noon or early afternoon: lunch in Deles before we set back down to Yogya with a stop at the Buddhist Mahayana temple of Plaosan (near Prambanan)
  • Evening – return to Yogya to your own accommodation.

For Further Information I will refer you to Patrick Vanhoebrouck. 

Visa Australian residents are eligible for a 30 day Visa on Arrival – you do now not need to pay for a Visa to visit Indonesia. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months from arrival date and proof of onward passage may be requested.

Seasons Straddling the equator, Indonesia tends to have a fairly even climate year-round. Rather than four seasons, Indonesia has two – wet and dry – and there are no extremes of winter and summer. In most parts of Indonesia, the wet season falls between October and April (low season), and the dry season between May and September (high season). Bring swimmers, clothes for hot days and a couple of light jackets/pants for the mountains.

Health When traveling in any country other than your own it is important to have comprehensive health insurance. Visit your doctor at least six weeks before you travel to find out about Recommended Vaccinations or medications when visiting Asian Countries. You are responsible for your own insurance on Byron Yoga Lounge Retreats.

Flights Flying to Yogyakarta in Indonesia is extremely affordable and accessible.

  • Air Asia to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) can cost as little as $400 or less if you catch the specials! From Kuala Lumpur you can fly directly to Yogyakarta which is a 2 hour 20 min flight.
  • Other options include flying directly to Jakarta then to Yogyakarta and flights to look for are with Garuda Indonesia, Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia and Malaysia Air. You can also fly from Denpasar/Bali
  • Liz is most happy to help with any flight advise should you decide to join!

Cancellation Policy for all Retreats

– $250 Administration Fee

–  2 weeks – start date 25% refund

– No show -100% – 0 refund