Plateau Life Yoga – Alstonville/Wollongbar

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream”

Welcome to Plateau Life Yoga (Formally Byron Yoga Lounge)

I am excited to have finally transitioned from the Byron Yoga Lounge to classes in Alstonville at the new space 2b High Street. 
I would like to express my gratitude and thanks to the the beautiful Iyengar community for the years of ongoing support. As I embrace the changes –  I trust we will remain connected on our yoga paths. 
  • Byron Class with Dave Bambach Saturday 430-6pm 

Iyengar Yoga is a traditional practice that recognizes every body is different. Students are closely guided to work through challenges to achieve alignment for a balanced body and mind.

  • It is considered ideal for anyone suffering from injury, for beginners and students of all ages and levels.
  • Iyengar teachers undertake 4-5 years to become Certified and commit to ongoing training.
  • Iyengar yoga practitioners often align the practice with the season as a way to keep in tune with nature.

What to expect

  • Postures to be spoken in Sanskrit to respect the traditional ancient yoga linage of this art
  • Demonstration of the postures
  • Clear precise instruction
  • Props if needed such as blocks/belts to assist individual needs
  • Alignment adjustments and individual guidance
  • An authentic Yoga experience

Upcoming Retreats

The Iyengar Yoga certification mark is used under license by certified Iyengar Teachers worldwide. This mark recognizes teachers of Iyengar Yoga who have completed intensive teacher training (4-5 years), have undergone a rigorous assessment process and must continue ongoing education to renew or upgrade their certificate to a higher level. This Certification Mark ensures an internationally recognized standard of excellence in teaching.
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