Plateau Life Yoga – Alstonville/Wollongbar

“Dreams are the seeds of change. Nothing ever grows without a seed, and nothing ever changes without a dream”

Welcome to Plateau Life Yoga. Liz, the founder has over 20 years experience teaching as a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher a Registered Nurse. Creating the Byron Yoga Lounge, Liz taught large beginners and advanced classes for many years, both in Australia and Overseas. Liz has chosen a quite pace, and her small, intimate studio at 2b High St Alstonville,reflects her wishes to work more closely with participants and to move through any challenges and restrictions, to achieve alignment for a balanced mind and body. 

Michelle shared Yoga intensely for many years, having originally trained in Uki-Do Yoga in Japan, she founded a Yoga school in Sydney, but chose to spend Yoga wherever she travelled overseas. Grateful for the opportunity to share in this dedicated Yoga healing Space, Michelle comes with over 30 years experience and looks forward to meeting you. 


  • Tuesday                             530-645 pm – Beginners Iyengar (Liz)


  • Wednesday                         4.45 -6.00pm – Zen Yoga (Michelle)

                                                        6-7.00pm – Meditation (by donation – Michelle) 

  • Thursday                            6-7.15 am – Iyengar (Liz) 


  • Saturday                            8-11am 1st Saturday each month – 3 hour themed Intensive (Liz) 


  • Sunday                               10-11.30am Restorative Yoga (Liz) 

                                                       2-3.30 pm Harmonic Healing Sound Immersion – 8 weeks (Michelle)

                                                      3.30-4.45 pm Yin/Sound Bath (Michelle)                                              


Iyengar Yoga is a traditional practice that recognizes every body is different. Students are closely guided to work through challenges to achieve alignment for a balanced body and mind.

  • It is considered ideal for anyone suffering from injury, for beginners and students of all ages and levels.
  • Iyengar teachers undertake 4-5 years to become Certified and commit to ongoing training.
  • Iyengar yoga practitioners often align the practice with the season as a way to keep in tune with nature.

Zen Yoga 

  • A mindful practice that explores postures through feeling/witnessing the effects and resistance in the mind and body. Learn simple founded techniques to 
  • Clear and release the blockages that inhibit a free flow of energy within 
  • Create a greater range of movement and flexibility 
  • Cultivate your centre of gravity and earthed inner posture 
  • Experience a spacious awareness through movement 
  • These classes will suit practitioners (including beginners) to experience their poses differently 

Yin/Sound Bath 

  • A sequence of floor based movements that are held to support he body’s letting of and releasing of tension, opening up the stillness within that supports the mind and body in restoration of inner balance and harmony. This will be enhanced by a sound bathing of crystal tones advanced alchemy singing bowls.

Harmonic Healing Sound Immersion

  • Float into the magical harmonies of the Crystal Tones Singing bowls. You will be guided on a relaxation journey to rest you deeply  into allowing Harmonic Alchemies/Hoy Fire Usui reiki and Divine Love Presence to restore your connection to Soul and Hearts remembrance. 

Upcoming Retreats

The Iyengar Yoga certification mark is used under license by certified Iyengar Teachers worldwide. This mark recognizes teachers of Iyengar Yoga who have completed intensive teacher training (4-5 years), have undergone a rigorous assessment process and must continue ongoing education to renew or upgrade their certificate to a higher level. This Certification Mark ensures an internationally recognized standard of excellence in teaching.
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