Mindfulness Meditation – 10th Feb with Pannya from Bodhi Tree Vipassana Retreat Centre


A taste of

Mindfulness Meditation

Sunday 10th Feb

 Schedule – 8-10am & 12-2pm  

    With Ven. Pannyavaro

                             (Bodhi Tree Forest Monastery and Vipassana Retreat Centre)


                                @ Byron Yoga Lounge

             By Donation

                      (Optional Byron Yoga lounge Restorative Yoga class in break 10-1130am)


Pannya is an Australian monk of over 30 years service. He spent many years studying and practicing in Burma and Sri Lanka and received higher ordination in the Thai tradition.

There will be instructions on the basics of Mindfulness
Meditation, i.e. in sitting, walking and awareness during
one’s daily activities. Emphasis will be on applying this
knowledge, together with practical strategies, to both
the intensive retreat practice situation, and integrating
it into your everyday life.
If you already have had some experience, this “taster” workshop can
benefit you by providing an opportunity to work through
with the teacher any difficulties or to clarify any questions
regarding your meditation practice.

This “taster” workshop will help increase your
confidence and ability to self-manage and further develop
your practice and may inspire you to attend the full day workshop at Bodhi Tree Monastery, Tullera, 10 mins out of Lismore on Sunday 24th Feb 9-4 pm 

See https://bodhitreemonastery.org/retreat-schedule/



For further information or enquires please contact Liz

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