Timetable Byron Bay

10:00 am
4:30 pm



Explanation of Class Levels

Foundations/Beginners I These classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels. They are ideal for people with no yoga experience, or people wanting to consolidate the basics. The classes introduce the foundations of Iyengar yoga in a structured and safe environment.

Beginners II These classes are suitable for those students to progress from the Beginners classes. A minimum of 5 weeks – completion of Beginners Course required. A progression in consolidating the basics.

General These classes are for people with some yoga experience Students continue to consolidate basics, and are introduced to poses such as inversions and backbends.

Level I Students need a minimum of 3 months prior yoga experience and/or have completed the Beginner courses.

Led Practice Students need a minimum of one year continuous yoga experience. Classes include headstand and shoulderstand. Led practice encourages students to develop concentration and observation in their practice. Asana names are called by the teacher who demonstrates the pose. There is no instruction.

Open Practice Available to students currently attending the school. It provides a space for students to come and develop their own practice under the guidance of a teacher.

Level II Students need 6 months – 2 years yoga experience. Backbends and inversions are practised regularly. Students ideally would be practicing or attending classes more than once a week.

Level III Students need a minimum of two years of regular yoga attendance at yoga classes and have a regular home practice. Familiarity with inversions and backbends is required.

Restorative It is a gentle class with a focus on supported yoga poses that offers a restful and restorative approach to the classical yoga poses.